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CHRISTO & JEANNE CLAUDE | “The Mastaba” on The Serpentine lake, Hyde Park, London

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s temporary floating sculpture titled “The Mastaba” on The Serpentine lake (Hyde Park, London), is nearly completed - on view June 19th through September 9th. The sculpture, which rises over 65 feet above the surface of the lake, is composed of a giant stack of 55-gallon oil barrels, numbering 7,506 in all.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are world renowned for their large scale public art installations, which intervene in urban and natural landscapes and temporarily alter both the physical form and visual experiences of sites.

Christo states, “We have worked out that the footprint of the mastaba will be the size of the Vatican Square in Rome. Nothing in the world has ever been built like that.” The artist adds, “It will be like the Eiffel Tower in the desert.”

For more information read the recent article: https://bit.ly/2tcacKA

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