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EDIE WINOGRADE | Place and Time: Reenactment Pageant

Read the recent review by Hyperallergic’s Kealey Boyd (http://bit.ly/2Ch8PBd) of Edie Winograde’s solo exhibition “Place and Time: Reenactment Pageant” at Robischon Gallery.

Regarding the photograph titled “July Offensive on the North Platte” (2017), Boyd observes that the “iconic cavalry line echoes “Ray’s Troops” (1903) by Frederic Remington. In Winograde’s version the horses travel a paved park path, carefully staying right of the solid white line. The trees that frame their trajectory are protected by wire fencing. Everything is in its place. Everything tamed.”

In the exhibition, Winograde suggests that reenactments can call attention to forgotten aspects of history - while at the same time, they expose history as something that is susceptible to influence and interpretation.

“Place and Time: Reenactment Pageant” is currently on view alongside concurrent solos by four additional artists - through March 3, 2018. 

Jim Sanborn, Meridian

Jerry Kunkel, RECON TEXT

Tom Judd, Disruption

Terry Maker, Point Blank

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