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LINDA FLEMING / at The Ent Center for the Arts

Linda Fleming’s impressive, steel sculpture “Cloak of the Motion” is currently on view outside the Ent Center for the Arts, which opened last month at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and will be on loan to the university for up to 2 years. Also at UCCS, Fleming’s upcoming solo exhibition at Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art will be on view from August through November, 2018.

Central to Fleming’s practice is the creation of numerous, intricate sculptural maquettes and drawings. This wide-ranging and in-depth series, acknowledged by many museums, further illuminates the artist’s vocabulary and level of inquiry. In her own poetic words, Fleming is compelled to make visible, “a glimpse of the strangeness beyond the world to which we cling, opening a place where thought becomes tangible, history leaves a trace and information exhales form.”

For more information visit: http://bit.ly/2LETjDM

Image: Linda Fleming “Cloak of the Motion” steel, 92 x 132 x 132 inches

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