MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Robischon Gallery Artists in Review


MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Robischon Gallery Artists in Review
Mar 3 – Mar 31, 2021

In tandem with the gallery’s on site solo exhibition by Kevin O’Connell for Denver’s Month of Photography, Robischon Gallery posts bi-weekly ONLINE ONLY portfolio videos on the gallery’s Instagram and Facebook platforms as well as the gallery’s website. The ongoing posts briefly offer a variety of images of new and signature photographic works from a diverse group of gallery artists including Sami Al Karim, Bill Armstrong, Edward Burtynsky, Elena Dorfman, Gary Emrich, Maria Friberg, Chuck Forsman, David Maisel, Kate Petley, David Sharpe, and Edie Winograde.

Along with solo artist gallery talks, the video portfolio artist pairings are assembled in part to adjust to social media constraints, as well as to highlight the imagery of specific artists surrounding shared subject matter, use of photographic processes, and / or conceptual underpinnings.

Specific title, size, photographic medium, and edition are not currently listed.  For artist bios and information on artworks contact the gallery directly at (303) 298-7788.


Edie Winograde + Gary Emrich

Focusing on the American West from an unexpected stance, artists Gary Emrich and Edie Winograde explore a range of impactful topics in three unique photographic series. Through their distinctive practices, the artists alter commonplace Western narratives and subjects through a direct observational lens—marrying prescribed historical imagery while illuminating complex contemporary realities. Through Emrich’s uncommon visual language and process-driven alterations, and Winograde’s re-examination of the country’s sorted past through a present-day American subculture, the artists reveal both the absurdity and the gravity of their subjects all at once.




For over thirty years, Maisel has photographed a variety of subjects—from aerial views of compromised landscapes to referential objects such as the copper containers of cremated human remains depicted in his series “Library of Dust.” View this earlier studio presentation as Maisel describes the series’ compelling subject matter and its potent historical context. 


Video courtesy of the artist and Flyp Magazine.





In an informative interview, artist David Sharpe discusses both the subject matter and pinhole camera process used in his ongoing “Waterthread” series. Exhibited previously at Robischon Gallery, Sharpe’s work was featured along with artists: Claire Sherman, Allison Gildersleeve, James Benning, Nikki Lindt, Karen Kitchel, and Isabelle Hayeur in an extensive group exhibition entitled “Out Of View.” 




Enjoy a look inside the studio practice of previously exhibited Swedish artist Maria Friberg, and listen as she describes her process and the conceptual framework surrounding four commission works in Barkarby, Stockholm. Friberg’s hard-won inventive undertakings, resulting in large-scale photographs and video installations, merge the familiar with the unexpected through a hyper-focused and ambitious approach. Utilizing a wide range of imagery in pursuit of an overarching theme, Friberg investigates humanity’s omnipresent struggle to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium in a complex and ever-changing world.


Documentary courtesy of the artist, filmed and edited by Mattias Larson, Magnus Ader Berg, and Henrik Ahnborg




Respected artists Chuck Forsman and Michael Berman are known for their sensitive and honest portrayals of the American West as they each turn an artful contemporary lens toward forgotten landscapes and themes of varied land use. Presenting images that highlight the land’s sheer expansiveness and arid topography, intertwined with their observations of human intervention, Forsman’s painterly stance and Berman’s poetic eye, allow for distinctive views and truthful reflections of their chosen terrain. Enjoy a brief look into the photographic work of Forsman and Berman in this newest video installment from Robischon Gallery’s ongoing series, in tandem with Denver’s Month of Photography. New video portfolios are posted bi-weekly throughout March on the gallery’s website, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.




Review the gallery’s archives and recall the highly influential and varied photographic works of previously exhibited, internationally renowned artist Edward Burtynsky. This video segment offers a glimpse into the remarkable process Burtynsky employs to create his diverse body of work. Whether it’s the artist’s impressive “Water” series, or his awe-inspiring and provocative views of altered landscapes such as the Carrara marble quarries of Italy, the salt pans in India, or the oil fields of the US and Nigeria, Burtynsky’s artful lens bears witness to the complex effects of global manufacturing and consumerism.


Video excerpt adapted from: “WATERMARK, The Making Of” by Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal and “Photographer Spotlight: Edward Burtynsky,” produced by Michael Kurkfeld




Enjoy this rarely seen and informative video featuring artist Elena Dorfman as she provides insight into past series and her solo exhibition entitled “Transmutations,” previously installed at Robischon Gallery. Listen, as Dorfman describes how her signature layered approach to photography led her toward the language of large-scale Jacquard tapestries as well as her Chromogenic prints with mixed media, in which the artist incorporates minerals such as gold, silver, copper, nickel, and salt into her studio process.   



The serene and contemplative works of recognized artists David Maisel and Sami Al Karim convey a unique understanding of place in ways both revelatory and truthful. From the unfathomable imagery of David Maisel’s aerial sightings and the breathtaking beauty that he finds amidst the natural world, to Iraqi-born Sami Al Karim’s soulful and complex layered images of land, water, and sky, abstraction plays an interpretive role within the accomplished series of both artists.