Jack Balas and Wes Hempel


Jack Balas and Wes Hempel
Sep 24 – Nov 5, 2005

In his individual works, writer/painter Wes Hempel delves into art history to explore our understanding of contemporary culture. In the style of the classical masters, Hempel meticulously renders appropriated images of classical art in contact with contemporary figures. Hempel's theater of juxtaposed context and events create compelling narratives that offer his insight into issues both topical and personal.

In keeping, fellow artist/collaborator Jack Balas pursues themes simultaneously potent and abstract to create his challenging and deeply felt work. An unpredictable placement of words, phrases, gestural marks, photographic imagery and collaged materials create the visual and conceptual texture of Balas' work.

Since the mid-1990's, Jack Balas and Wes Hempel have been collaborating on unique works, creating a compelling dialogue between these two distinct artists. Hempel's neo-classicist style combines with Balas' complex associative vocabulary to infuse the work with a sharp wit, surprising surface, and rare sense of intimacy.